Who Am I?


Fly Girl. Empowering The World

You know, I always write these things and think, "What is my story?'' How did I get to this very moment. What were some experiences I've had that empowered me? What do I love to do?


My name is Diamond, I'm a music artist/dancer/photographer/creative that goes by Red Bella. You can just call me Bella though.   I've ALWAYS  been passionate and inspired by music, photography, writing, and dancing.  It's just the way I am designed; and through my many life's experiences and being a  outside of the arts, I pour myself into bringing awareness and healing into the spaces I create or walk in.


I've had major breakthroughs on this spiritual journey and I believe healing ourselves is important and key to healing others which can be done through many outlets. My confidence dance classes are aimed to help you step into your power and embrace your inner being. Are you tired of feeling constant self doubt within yourself? Do you desire to feel FIERCE and EMPOWERED? Are you INTENTIONAL with your journey? Then my classes and my work are for you.

You can find me teaching dance classes, creating,  and tapping into that inner power and confidence through my Podcast and Youtube!! Oh, and did I mention I'm a photographer as well? Book with me below!