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red bella





Southside Chicago born and raised, Diamond, also known as Red Bella, is a multifaceted artist who uses her spiritual gifts to empower, connect, and bring more  expansion. Her real life experiences with trauma and confidence have aligned her with purpose and passion to empower and inspire. 


Bella’s spiritual confidence expansion focuses on  getting you out of survival mode and more connected with your body, your mind, and spirit through: dance, self-development,  energy, healing, astrology, and intuition.

In a world that overemphasizes the masculine with "doing" and "competition" and "comparison" Bella's mission is  to connect you to your authentic self and empower your individuality. She wants to empower those to be aware of their "vibration" as this is how you begin to shift. With her guidance, messages, and tips, you can feel more confident, go out into the world, know the signs, and handle your shit like a boss in your life, relationships, and career. Small shifts = life changing shifts =results= lots of expansion.  It's time to shift.

Her projects include: Love Your Body Confidence, Queens Tribe Magazine, Goddess Vibrations, Bella Talks, and Bella Media. 


Movement is linked to feeling.  Dancing attunes you to your own body and rhythm. Not only does it tap  into your inner powerhouse but it give you a sense of self care and well being.  With more than a decade of teaching dance, Bella created the Love Your Body Confidence dance classes in 2017; a safe space for women to be free, feel connected, and feel fierce. It's more than just a class, it's an experience. 

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